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  • Irma Geddon

    Irma Geddon

    USA Today Bestselling Author Irma Geddon writes Hot Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy with romantic elements.

  • Writeradventures


    Edit A fiction Writer who experience adventure after adventure and continuously struggling with chapters characters and the inevitable deadlines

  • Randomhand


    Professional restless drifter |Semi-professional couchpotato |Amateur advice giver |Spinner of yarns |Petrock owner |Teardrinker |Future Ruler of a island state

  • Sharon Hancock

    Sharon Hancock

    Writer, photographer, humourist who is often serious, sometimes reflective and always interested in the human story

  • Leonard Tillerman

    Leonard Tillerman

    Top writer in Reading and Books. Author, book blogger and influential book reviewer. I live to write.

  • Anna Casamento Arrigo 🐶

    Anna Casamento Arrigo 🐶

    -multi genre author. I have a love affair with words,which, partly, explains why I’ve written six collections of poems!Kindness Always!

  • Kat Wiebe

    Kat Wiebe

    Writer, mother, human being, partner, friend, colleague, always learning, always laughing!

  • Occam's Press

    Occam's Press

    Society and culture. Ideas big & small. https://twitter.com/occamspress & https://www.occams.press/

  • Bryn Del Mano

    Bryn Del Mano

    Still trying to figure it out, but finally free of the notion anyone is scrutinizing me…yes, my underwear is on my head. And?

  • Ali Kurtulmus

    Ali Kurtulmus

    A realist but also a struggling writer. I’m writing for a better life. MSc in Data Analytics and Management. Store Merchandiser at LC Waikiki.

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